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We have been hosting palace for over 19 years,

now wih our PalaceChat4 software we offer more tools to make your visitors
chat time more enjoyable, video rooms, movie rooms, flash games, music players, etc...

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Our Services

ElitePalaces network live stats

Total Palaces hosted: 1043

Total Users online : 1251

Total rooms you can visit : 224037

Our top10 clients list - (per users count)

  1. Chat Palace, 65 users, (english) [All ages]
  2. Le paradis a Manon, 28 users, (French) [All ages]
  3. Cristalina, 25 users, (english) [props]
  4. Le paradis des musiciens, 21 users, (French) [All Ages]
  5. Au rendez-vous des Variétés, 18 users, (French) [Unrated]
  6. lodivertido, 16 users, (Spanish) [All Ages]
  7. Le Royaume Chez Sims, 13 users, (French) [Adults]
  8. Au coeur de l´acadie, 12 users, (French) [All ages]
  9. Palace Portugues, 10 users, (english) [other]
  10. ChatAmor, 10 users, (spanish) [All Ages]

Projects We Run, Own and/or Support

The new Software for Palace

  • Big rooms, Big props
  • Advanced scripting, videos, games
  • more dynamic and extended scripting functionality to make your content come alive

Public Palaces Directory

  • Live palaces directory
  • Shows the actual rooms and users count
  • Share the palaces information with palacechat 4 software
Where you can broadcast!.
OpenPalace is a web access client for palace, the programmer let us run it from our servers.

Client Testimonials